Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Coordinator Corner}: Dozens of Dessert Ideas.


I like dessert.
A lot.
In fact, I have been known to offer a VERY compelling argument for why a banana split is a reasonable dinner option. 

Wedding desserts, just like dresses, color pallets and songs, are subject to trends.
Gone are the days where every bride had the same wedding cake with white frosting and a miniature bride and groom happily posing on top. (Still a classic, in my book).

Cupcakes have been very popular the last several years.  They make it easy to offer a plethora of flavors - there is no need for plates, people can just grab one and continue to dance, and they are just plain cute!
More recently, couples have been ditching the cake all together, or offering it as only part of their dessert options.
Prefer pie to cake?  You got it! 

Want that cake on a stick? No problem!

You would rather serve up a beautiful array of penny candy?  You're the boss! 

Recently, I had a client request a cake that will taste like an apple pie.  It blew my mind.  Brilliant!  I love the fact that they are going for something new and unique that will be so "them!"  Will this start a new trend?  Who knows!
Trends I will be patiently awaiting? Desserts that include bacon, as well as this "little" gem:

Yes, there are pies IN that cake!
So to all you future brides and grooms out there, go with your gut!  Make every part of your wedding your own, including your dessert!

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  1. How in the world do u get. Pie inside of cake, and where do you buy one of these?