Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Joshua Behan Photography

We talked with Josh Behan (and his wife Amanda), as part of our Vendor Spotlight series, this past week. So, we have some entertaining information to share with you, from a very special guy (he holds a special place in our heart after spending the day with us, shooting a 'day in the life' series last Fall).


[GG]: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional photographer? 
[Josh]: No, I actually had a roommate in Hawaii who was into photography.  A friend from work had given me a camera, and Hawaii seemed like as good a place to learn (and live) as any.  
[Amanda]: Not at all. I was a studio art major in college (URI/University of Hawaii). After we got married, I started working with Josh on the business. 

[GG]: How did you get into the business? 
[Josh]: I shot my first wedding when friends (Lauren & Don) hired me to shoot theirs at a house on the beach in Watch Hill.  Amanda & I rented the same house for our own wedding a few years later.  Once I moved home from Hawaii for good, I started second shooting regularly for a studio in Massachusetts.  Luckily, they let their shooters use the photos for our own portfolios, so I started my first website.  

 (photo by Amanda)

[GG]: Where do you draw inspiration from?
[Josh]: We really enjoy getting to know our couples, and seeing how much they love what we do.  It’s a gratifying feeling.  I’m (Josh) also inspired by any movie Wes Anderson makes, I think they’re interesting in every way possible.   

 (photo by Josh)

[GG]: What is your favorite spot to shoot in the area? 
[Josh]: We honestly don’t have one.  There are interesting photos to find everywhere.  That being said, shooting outdoor events is fun, and we’re lucky to work quite a bit with some local vineyards (Jonathan Edwards and Saltwater Farm).  

 (photo by Josh)

[GG]: What's the most memorable wedding you've worked at and why? 
[Josh]: For me, it was the wedding of our very good friends Stephanie & Colin in Colorado.  Ten of us flew in from RI, rented an RV in Denver, and drove it 4 hours to the wedding.  I photographed the wedding while Amanda was in the bridal party.  We all spent fourth of July weekend together on the ranch where the wedding took place.  Their engagement session in Nicaragua was memorable too.   

[GG]: What's your favorite moment of a wedding to photograph? Favorite non-wedding thing to photograph? 
[Amanda]: The moments right before the bride walks down the aisle.  

(photo by Amanda)

[Josh]: I really like shooting any unexpected moments I see.  I also think it’s nice to see grandparents holding hands at weddings. As for non-wedding, I love shooting travel and street photography, and our dog when she lets me.  

 (photo by Josh)
[GG]: What is one word you would use to BEST describe yourself? 
[Amanda]: curious
[Josh]: even

[GG]: What's one of your favorite songs? 
[Amanda]: Lately, anything by The Tallest Man on Earth, and most of what comes to the Zee Avi Pandora station. 
[Josh]: I've been really into Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall album, and standup comedy stations on Pandora. 

To contact Josh and Amanda...

Wedding Site:
Travel Site:
Facebook: 45049297366  

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