Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Hana Floral Design and Boutique, Mystic, CT

Hey there, folks!

We're back with another FABULOUS spotlight. This time, on one of our favorite floral designers. And after reading her answers, we fell more in love! Some of the photos below illustrate weddings at which we've collaborated. Yumiko Fletcher, of Hana Floral Design, is always a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her work to anyone, anywhere.

Hope you enjoy her answers...(we sure did)!

[GG]:  Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional florist?   
[YF]: Nope!  I started out aspiring to be an opera singer!!!  I went to college for Vocal Performance at the Benjamin T Rome School of Music at Catholic U.  (Washington DC)

[GG]: How did you get into the business? 
[YF]: Actually, a tragedy caused me to switch gears in life.  My mom passed away unexpectedly in early 2001 and it made me re-think of my goals in life.   It really was the catalyst for change and got me back into a creative field.  I took some time off and a few months later, took a job in a flower shop!

[GG]: How long have you been in business and how did your current venture start?    
[YF]: Hana has been in business since 2004.  Prior to that, I had worked for a short time with a partner under a different name, and two years of working at flower shops before that.   

[GG]: What is your favorite type of couple and venue to work with?    
[YF]: Well, I really love a bride who loves us!  That’s the best.  And that bride is usually detail oriented but still somewhat laid back and has a combo of “classic/vintage/modern” taste.   They are willing to trust us to create something fabulous for them!  

As far as venue~ We love going to new places, we like to travel but we also adore our local venues, like Saltwater Farm, Eolia Mansion, J Edwards, and one of my personal faves is Elihu Island in Stonington.  

[GG]: What’s your favorite moment of a wedding to design florals for?    
[YF]: Definitely the bridal bouquet and bouquets in general.  Handing my bride her bouquet is the moment for me usually.   The reaction says it all and makes my day.  

[GG]:  Favorite Non-Wedding Floral Occasion/Arrangement?   
[YF]: Here at Hana, we make gorgeous holiday wreaths! They are hand clamped, which means we mix the greens, not just use a pre-made wreath and decorate it.  I love the holidays as far as florals go but it’s still second to weddings!

[GG]: How would you describe your creative process?   
[YF]: I usually meet the bride personally and we go through the entire wedding so I can get as many details down as possible.  I love to see the dress she picked as well as anything else involved ~ linens, maid’s dresses, any ideas that tell the whole story. Then I draw up a detailed proposal, maybe make a sample centerpiece and then I get going on ordering!

We try not to do anything exactly the same even if a bride loves something we’ve already done. 

[GG]: What are the three flowers that you would say best describes yourself and your style?
[YF]: Oh coral charm peony for sure, possibly the phaleonopsis orchid for a little ‘exotic’ and I just love gardenias for their classic beauty and the most amazing scent.

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  1. what a great post - Yumiko and the ladies of Hana are amazing - I am continuously amazed and inspired by their work - I've never seen an arrangement from them that I didn't completely fall in love with!

  2. Yumiko & her pink ladies are magic makers! i am getting teary right now thinking about when she handed me MY bouquet!!! (which had to be pried from my hands because i was carrying it around with such love as though it was my first born child!)