Friday, February 25, 2011

Wadsworth Wedding Show: The Pickle Bar!

Hello, ladies and gents!

Hope you are all enjoying this rainy Friday.

So, last week we told you about how we were going to the Wadsworth Mansion Wedding Show. And we went. And now we have pictures to share!

For those of you who don't know what the show is: Wadsworth Mansion is a wedding venue in Middletown, CT. The annual wedding show is a way for local vendors to 'show off' (so to speak). This year, we scored the bar room. We were pretty excited to plan something fun and unexpected for this space.

So, what did we do?

We set up an Old Time Pickle Bar! The display included a variety of homemade pickled items in mason jars; everything from grapes to carrots to tomatillos. 

Above, you can see the Pineapple and the Grapes (which seem to have been the fan favorite). 

The tomatillos.

Another shot of the bar display. 

And my personal favorite - the carrots. 

Of course we spent most of the time at our pickle bar, but we were able to meander around and check out some of the other displays. 

Here are some of our favorites...

A big shout out to Tony Palmieri and Datura - A Modern Garden! What a memorable display. The milk glass and smaller wired vases, combined with the height of the orchids. Beautiful!

Connecticut Rentals - such a grandiose display of candelabras. We thought you were pretty darn fabulous!

And of course, the Wadsorth Mansion, themselves, for adding the most personal touch: a bride from this past year there to talk with newcomers about her own personal experience. It doesn't get more informational than that!

Thanks again, to the wonderful Wadsworth ladies, Kristy and Debra, for letting us be a part of another great show!


  1. Hooray!~I heard the Pickle Bar is making it's way to the Island in September!!

  2. HOW ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! and now i'm really mad at myself that i didn't come back and read jeanettes follow up comment earlier! next show i will be there with bells on!