Thursday, October 7, 2010

all you need is love.

We need love in our lives. And we're back, this week, with more things that we love. Read on!

For all you bloody mary lovers (and even those of you who don't know, just yet, that you're a bloody mary lover) out there, this one is for you!

This might be THE most amazing bloody mary we've ever laid eyes on. Wait, no 'might'. It definitely is! Look at it and just read the description (courtesy of Alexandra Cooks): 'A Bloody Mary teeming with pickled green beans, sprinkled with shredded basil and chives, and topped — completed — with a scotch quail egg that is.' WOW.

You know what else we love? This dessert display.

Well, it's more than just a dessert display, obviously. It's heaven (in the form of food and decor and an awesome farm table to boot!). Photo courtesy of Ruffled.

There's more. Apple Picking. And the APPLES, of course.

And one last item to share. Perhaps a bit out of season, but still irresistibly note-worthy. This to-die-for-looking PIZZA. I do think that this pizza could be used as inspiration for some savory sweet and salty style Autumn pizzas as well.

Again, courtesy of Alexandra Cooks. Gosh, we're all about that site, huh? Good stuff, though.

We would LOVE to hear about some things that you have gone goo-goo over this week.

Talk soon,

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  1. oh my goodness... my mouth is watering... a sweet & savory autumn pizza sounds AHmazing!