Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little love.

We are inspired every day. We see weddings we adore and recipes that make us salivate. We see dishware that makes us smile and linens that make us say WOW. But we're inspired by way more than just food and dishes and linens. In other words, our inspirations come from more than just the catering stuff (albeit tasty and beautiful and exciting). Our inspirations come from everything. And everyone. A little of this. And a little of that.

A little LOVE of so many wonderfulthingsthatwewanttosharewitheachandeveryoneofyou.

So, we're starting something new. Starting this week, we are going to have a weekly segment that showcases our inspirations - inspirations that we can, of course, use in our catering world - inspirations that help us to be even better at what we do!

What do we love this week? We are about to fill you in on some of our little loves.

Definitely digging this rustic wallpaper...they call it concrete, but we swear it looks a bit more like hardwood.

Punkin' Beer. 'nuff said.

 Vintage luggage. or even art that displays vintage luggage, like so (Etsy find, here!)...

The thought of feasting on apple, gruyere and sage MUFFINS with leek soup!
(thanks for the recipe, Cannelle et Vanille!)

And, of course, we have mounds of love for Jenn's Oktoberfest Chowder!

What do YOU love this week?

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  1. love this idea & can't wait to see your weekly finds!!! (& love that wallpaper!)