Friday, June 19, 2009

An Ode to Dear Old Dad...

In the midst of an insane last week/weekend here, we were unable to get this posted in time for one of our favorite holidays - Father's Day.  Boy do we love our dads here at Gourmet Galley, so even though we missed the official celebration, we figured we'd post this anyway! Our fathers are school principles, real estate developers, electricians, scientists, machinists, Coca Cola drivers, printers, and we even have a Purple Heart winning Navy Cook in World War II.  It's no surprise that these great men have influenced and inspired us in every way, many of them having a direct hand in our love of and passion for food.  So, what better way for a foodie blog to pay tribute to our daddy-os than to share with you some of their favorite foods...  Ahh, nostalgia.

Karen:  "My Dad absolutely loves peanut butter - just a spoonful as a quick snack or smothered on top of a slice of crusty bread... and you always might catch him with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It turns out enjoy this sandwich on many Saturdays during our busy wedding season - it's delicious, filled with protein, and makes me smile."

Peggy: "My father was crazy for seafood - I vividly remember sitting at the family summer compound in Owl's Head, Maine watching my dad and his twin brother eat lobster after lobster... 12-13 each, and that's no exaggeration!  My father passed some 7 years ago, but we still plan a yearly lobster feast and talk about those lazy days at the camp - no tv, no electricity, no newspaper - just family and friends by the ocean and memories we're greatful to have and share."

A few other snippets from the GG family...
Shelley:  "He loved Red-Eye gravy, a southern specialty which I can't even describe!"
Sarah: "He was a sucker for steamers and lobster."
Jen: "Clam Chowder and any kind of pasta with red sauce."
Tim: "Big Fred still loves that Gnocchi."
Victoria:  "Dad was always cooking something different - Can you say Chicken ala Steve?  Still don't exactly know what that was, but it was delicious!"
Jess: "Any kind of steak, but don't all dads like that?"
Joe: "Tortellini with Cheese... he used to cook it on Saturday afternoons and we'd eat it together after watching cartoons."
Anna: "My father, the foodie, used to eat sandwiches of sliced Soppresatta on soft white bread... I'll never forget it, it's one of my favorite guilty pleasures too!"
Joyce: "Scotch on the rocks... wait, is that a food?"

So, a Happy (Belated) Fathers Day to all of our Gourmet Galley Dads... we surely do love you!

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  1. For all those Ken Bondi fans out there, it's all about "The Juice!"