Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Eats for a Good Cause

Twice a year, the Connecticut Chapter of the American Liver Foundation puts on a truly amazing Gala which offers ticket holders a unique and at times over the top dining experience. FLAVORS of Southeastern Connecticut is held in the Spring and Fall, and features up to 40 of Connecticut's most favorite restaurants from all over the state. Instead of your run of the mill black tie gala, Flavors offers guests a seat at a table which is operated entirely by the chefs of these amazing restaurants. Not only do you get a fabulous 5 course meal with wine pairings, but the chef is literally 5 feet away from you cooking your dish to order. It is an amazing operation, and takes a lot of coordinating on the part of the ALF. Not only do the chefs have to be persuaded and booked, but the sheer logistics of 40 different teams in one space cooking at the same time is truly something to marvel at. The chefs and their teams are responsible for cooking not only an incredibly thoughtful and elaborate meal but also designing the table at which the guests are seated, adding a whole different dimension to the evening. Some restaurants opt to stick with the 5' round table they are given to work with, but most really think outside the box. Last year one team built their own wooden dining table with a river running through it. Nuts! Not to mention the canopies, lighting fixtures, and other ingenious table decor that the restaurants employ to make their tables stand out.

The Spring FLAVORS event is this coming Tuesday March 31 at Aqua Turf in Southington.
Tickets are $200 for the evening, and completely worth it!

The experience itself is worth it and the fact that it benefits a great cause only makes it sweeter.
For more information or to purchase tickets: or Contact Marla Sadler (Event Coordinator) at or at 203-234-2022.
We'll see you there!


  1. Awesome! Can the GG Blog feature some pictures after the event?


  2. Hi JB! I'll be sure to have Victoria post some! Thanks for the interest and hope to see you soon!

    Best, Marla