Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 Random Things About Us

Stealing a page from Facebook... Thought we might share with you a few things about us!

We love to celebrate and drink champagne! We may be busy but we try to never miss an opportunity to show each other we care – birthdays, babies, employment milestones, engagements and very soon our first GG family wedding! Life is short … celebrate!

Our kids (so far) range in age from 2-18. College, high school, middle school, elementary school and almost preschool – we’ve got it covered. Not to mention the ones that may not even be a twinkle yet! The stories we could tell!

We love New York – really! We can’t get enough. Of course it’s all about the food – from Citarella, Zabar’s, Fairway, and Whole Foods to Balthazar, Daniel, Public, and countless faves in the outer boroughs. But the BEST is the Farmer’s Market in Union Square. In pairs, on our own or a special whole group day in the city, we’re there.

We’re involved. We belong to Rotary, the PTO, Band and Drama Parents, we volunteer with the VNA, the American Liver Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, and try to keep in touch with our churches, our neighborhoods.

We’re still home town girls. We’ve all lived here most of our lives. Four of us live within a mile of Gourmet Galley. We love to travel, see new places and try new foods – then bring those feelings, stories and tastes back here to share with our clients and families – and you.

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