Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lights, Camera, Verdant Floral!

A year and two days ago, our now very dear friends, Alison and Carlos exchanged vows at a one of a kind Stonington Borough wedding.

Since the time of their wedding, Carlos has launched his own floral design company - Verdant Floral Studio - and business is booming! He just hosted the opening of his Stonington studio on June 10th, while he's been working in Tribeca (New York!) over the past year. With the two locations, his team is going to be able to service all sorts of couples with their unique styles.

Here's a sampling of Verdant's beautiful work.

If you happen to be an avid Good Morning America fan (I am! There's just something about that Sam Champion!), you would have seen that Carlos and Alison, along with their wedding planner, Danielle Elder of Classic Events were featured in a segment about the new wave in all things wedding - GROOMZILLAS!

Fortunately for Gourmet Galley, we've had all of our grooms be involved in the wedding plans, and haven't reared any type of 'zilla' head of any sort!

And for all of those out there wondering, I can tell you first hand that Carlos was the farthest thing from a groomzilla...They were such a fun couple to work with. So fun, that we still spend time together when they come to Stonington!

All of the photos that are shown in the piece were shot by the one and only Maggie Conley - see some more photos from that day on her blog here.

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