Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food Displays, on a Budget.

So, you read wedding blogs and wedding magazines and maybe even wedding books. You have a big notebook full of ideas. And you have inspiration photos coming out your ears and bursting at the seams of your wedding binder.

The unfortunate part? there's a budget [who invented money, anyways?!?!?!!]

Don't break the bank. We have some ideas to save your day [and your wedding].

It's food related too [just how we like it]. So, here goes:

where/how can you [cost effectively] obtain food displays?

Where to buy?


This is, of course, for those of you who don't mind a bit of an adventure; those of you who don't mind thrift shopping. But, it's literally as easy as typing 'wedding' or 'wedding display' into the search feature. And you'll get endless results. Like so...

8 light champagne satin overlays (72” square) - $20
1 gold crinkled satin overlay (90” square) - $3
10 round glass centerpieces/candle holders (5”H x 4”D”) - $10
12 Ivory flameless candle with AAA batteries included (6”H x 3”D) - $24
1 Welcome Basket - $2
1 Harvest decorative display - $2
2 faux bittersweet candle rings - $2
1 faux 6ft harvest leaf/grapevine - $2
1 ring bearer pillow, white with removable orange/raspberry ribbon (7” x 7”) - $5
7 cylinder shaped glass vases (7¼”H x 3½”D) - $7
4 black lanterns from IKEA - $15
1 Plant holder display (12 ½”H x 25”L, planters are 8”D) - $2
1 finger tip length veil with edge - $50
1 pair bridal earrings (never worn) - $3 

Next up: The Marketplace at 100 Layer Cake

This is a gold mine, especially if you check back frequently. If you don't know about this, get familiar quickly. You can find anything from catering supplies (for those diy-ers), to crafting supplies to decor items to paper goods to favor supplies. The decor section includes some awesome platters and dishware. Here are some of our favorites:

Copper Passing Trays for just $4.00 each!

Damask dishes for various prices.

And this lovely cake stand [so charming!] for only $20.00!!

Lastly, one more place to check out: Discussion boards. So many brides don't know what to do with all of the decor left over from their weddings. So, be sure to check out the KVETCH forum on Real brides are offering up their REAL advice, for free!

And for all of you DIY, ambitious and crafty brides, if you plan your time wisely, you'll have more than enough hours to finish all of those projects. So, make your own food displays!

For inspiration and how-to instructions, check out some of these fave sites.

Martha Stewart [she is like the diy QUEEN]
DIY Bride [this site lends some great inspirational 'real weddings']
Ruffled [full of diy ideas - from favors to complete weddings]

So, don't forget, you can have beautiful displays on a budget; just be creative when searching for resources.

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