Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Holidays have Arrived.

The holidays have landed. They're here and we're not sure if we're ready just yet. There's so much to do. so much to wrap. so much to cook. so much to set (the dinner table, that is). And, truth be told, so much left to buy!!!!!

But, we won't digress to the endless lists of gifts still left to purchase. We'll focus on the food and the table settings.

First, the table. Do you set it a day (or two or three) early? I used to laugh when it was Christmas Eve Eve and my grandmother was hounding me to set the table, but now, with a few more years under my belt, I understand (and I do it, too!).

I still have some ideas floating around in my head. Simple or elegant? Rustic or fancy? Silver or gold? Gosh, so much to think about. But, here are just a few inspirations to get you started...

And dinner. At Christmas time, I love getting creative with the menu. Unlike Thanksgiving, my guests are not expecting just the turkey basics, so I can surprise them! which is super exciting.

Here are some menu ideas...

From Cannelle et Vanille...butternut squash soup, lobster, avocado and citrus salad, tenderloin, broccoli rabe, tortilla, panettone bread pudding, trifle and lots and lots of cookies. 

Another inspiring menu we came across...To start: shrimp with remoulade dipping sauce, butternut squash soup. For the main course: filet mignon with blackberry sauce, orange and radish salad with cinnamon vinaigrette, rice with toasted sesame, asparagus and mushrooms. And for dessert: chocolate almond torte and roasted cinnamon ice cream.

And my menu - I thought about doing butternut squash soup as a first course, however, it seems a bit overkilled at this point, so I'll spare you those details. But, we're cooking up prime rib with hasselback potatoes and some roasted vegetables (which I've left up to my mother, so I'm in suspense on this one). Salad and dessert are still yet to be decided.


Enjoy and have a fabulous holiday!

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