Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[long overdue] turkey post.

Thanksgiving came and went. Very quickly. And, you know what we're most upset about? It's certainly not that we missed out on any kind of food. Because, well, that would be a sin, and a lie (I managed to fit plenty of food inside this 'ole stomach). We're most upset that we never wrote a blog post about THANKSGIVING FOOD! How awful. We feel like complete failures.

So, in honor of this tasty holiday that seems to pass so quickly, EVERY year, we're here with some Excellent Thanksgiving leftover recipes. We know, we know, your turkey-day leftovers are long-gone, but you can really just use umm, any turkey for these recipes. Promise.

Okay. Up first: Turkey Tamales with Guajillo-Cranberry Mole. Wowsers. We've been loving us some tamales as of late, so we know we will enjoy this recipe. Hope you do too!

Option Number Two. Keep it simple. With some classic, Chunky Turkey-Vegetable Soup!

And to spice things up a bit...Turkey-Poblano Tostadas.


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