Thursday, November 18, 2010

a day in the life [of Gourmet Galley]

We are constantly drooling over wedding photography; we are constantly reading StyleMePretty and Ruffled (and 100LayerCake and so on and so forth); we LOVE every second of it. And our love affair with weddings and beautiful photos grows each and every second of each and every day (and we thought that couldn't happen!).

So, guess what we did...

We had a photo shoot (and felt like models), with the talented Joshua Behan. He spent a day with us; a day in the life of Gourmet Galley. It was lots 'o fun!

Take a looksee.


Impromptu morning meeting.

The whole gang. 


And...the cutest for last. Our adorable mascot (and Josh's assistant for the day)!

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  1. What a wonderful peak into a day of this amazing crew!!! Great fun, great people, great photos!!