Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding L-O-V-E

We love people who love planning weddings; who love all things food and decor and flowers and food, and...anyway, you get the point.

You must, then, know how much we love our dear friend (and current bride-to-be) Erin St. Thomas, whose blog, Sparkle & Hay, is becoming a quite the hit (we are so proud to work with all of these local celebrities, I must say!) all over the web. She was recently awarded an 'Editor's Pick' for bridal blogs through and we just adore her and all of her ideas.

Erin's blog showcases her ideas for the rustic-chic wedding of her dreams. She is inventive and passionate and full of ideas and we just CAN NOT WAIT for her wedding, at Saltwater Farm, October 23rd!

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