Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Must Watch

Have ya seen it? Perhaps we are slightly behind the times (it came out in 1996) but this movie is perfect for any foodie's night in. The story of two Italian immigrant brothers trying to make it in the restaurant biz unfolds with a good deal of lightheartedness but also some complex themes. Perfectionist Chef Brother Primo struggles with wanting to make his food the way it should be made when the customers don't really understand or appreciate the authenticity of his cooking. Front of the House Brother Secondo is dealing with the resulting lack of money - the food is good, but nobody comes to eat it. Cooking is obviously an integral part of the film, but the way the brothers interact in the kitchen is truly thought provoking. Whilst at work, few words are spoken and the chefs go about their individual business in a well orchestrated routine. This leaves the viewer ogling over the simple, stunning food.

A few highlights from their kitchen...
Sauteed Grapes
Eggs fried crepe-style in Olive Oil
Whole Roasted Suckling Pig
Classic Risotto Milanese (no, not served with a side of spaghetti!)

All in all, a sweet film perfect for your next Italian themed dinner party - fabulous soundtrack and a somehow amusing performance by a young Marc Anthony (yes, J. Lo's husband).
If nothing else, it's sure to make your stomach rumble!

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