Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keeping it Real - 50 New Uses for Old Things

Real Simple is an amazing magazine and site. So many good recipes, pictures, and all around good ideas for life. Check out the Highlight of our Week....

Chalk gets rid of moisture...Wrap a few loose pieces in some cheesecloth and keep with your silver. Prevents that tarnishing that will ruin a dinner party.

Ever have trouble getting the small wrinkles out of your dress shirts in the morning? I know it happens to me more often then not. While you've got that flat iron plugged in to tame your flyways, take it to the shirt to make the day a bit more smooth.

Use an old frame as a simple way to jazz up that dresser and organize the little things that float on top of it. I just did this on my own, and it's genius!

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