Monday, February 1, 2010

Now You’re Cooking... with Water!

While reading one of our favorite food blogs, The Seattle Food Geek, we noticed something that we have just not been able to stop talking about….A water oven. SousVide has created the Supreme Water Oven and is currently selling the appliance in their online store.

We have to admit – We were a little bewildered at first glance, but completely intrigued. Cooking with water? In order to use the water oven, the food that you’re cooking must be in a vacuum-sealed package. Because of this, the food that’s being cooked does not loose nearly as much nutrients and minerals as it would from cooking in a traditional oven. The food retains much more of it’s natural flavors and therefore, little seasoning is needed!

The first thing that came to mind…NO DISHES! Secondly – How does this actually work? What would I have to do to ensure that my food gets cooked properly and evenly?

Well…The water oven regulates the temperature within one degree of accuracy (technology is beyond amazing these days…) therefore the water is never cooled then warmed, etc. It’s kept at one constant temperature so that your food cooks evenly and thoroughly. The water is constantly being pumped around the oven so that it touches the food in all spots. The website boasts that you can cook things for hours…OR DAYS!

We're wondering if this will actually be an appliance that you’ll start seeing in homes.
Maybe once it starts becoming a bit more talked about, an adventurous few will be swayed to try it. Can’t wait for the product reviews to start flowing in.

Would you try it?

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely would get one...but $500...ouch

    It would be tough to pony up the moulah and the oh-so-valuable cabinet space for one. I've read about cobbling one together with a rice cooker + temperature probe/controller, and this certainly looks like a properly manufactured all-in-one unit of the same concept vs. those open air immersion circulators truly intended for the biochem laboratory. oh, and the foodsaver bags cum sous vide bags can get kinda pricey,

    ...but some of the best food I've ever had has been cooked via the sous vide method (perfect medium rare lamb rib eye, a few seconds of pan sear, rolled in pistachio crust...ahem...thomas keller).

    I want the hell out of one of these, but I'm still a 'wait and see' on it...maybe Ronco will flood the market with 49.95 versions that can then be had for $10 on ebay?