Friday, February 12, 2010

Google Docs: The New Wedding Tool

Much like our friends over at Style Me Pretty, we love Google. We use Google for almost anything. That's how we keep our schedules together, they host our mail, and we use them to look up anything food and wedding related. Thinking about it love even strong enough to describe our relationship with Google? Maybe not.

And now.....Our love for SMP and all things Google....are ONE. This is incredibly exciting news for brides....Google Docs has come out with 23 templates to help you plan your wedding. Google is going to help plan your wedding!

The templates cover all the bases for wedding planning - Budget, Guest List, Wedding Vows, Favors, Caterer, Music, Hair/Makeup, Dress, Address Book..... You name it, and Google has thought of it. What makes this entire thing just a bit more exciting is that Style Me Pretty has teamed up with Google to offer tip after tip about each of the areas of wedding planning. They're one of the most trusted experts in the industry and who better to give you advice then Abby and her team at SMP.

We can't wait to hear about our brides using these templates and methods to plan their wedding. Has anyone give them a test drive yet? Let us know what you think!

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