Monday, March 1, 2010

Cupcakes fit for Man

Butch Bakery produces cupcakes. And these aren't just your average cupcakes. These aren't even close to being your average cupcakes.

While reading an older edition of the New York Daily Candy, a sweet treat caught our eye very quickly....Camo? Houndstooth? On a cupcake advertised for Valentine's Day? NO!

Yes - it can happen. You have to check out Butch Bakery in New York City. Nothing about this sweet shop is cliche. Just the recipes alone are mind boggling. They've come up with some clever concoctions:
Rum Soaked Madagascar Vanilla Cake with cola Bavarian cream filling (Rum & Coke)
Chocolate Beer Cake with beer-infused buttercream and pretzels (Beer Run)
Peanut butter cake with banana Bavarian cream and cumbled bacon

From their trademarked slogan {"Butch it up, Buttercup."} to their very original and 'manly' oriented flavors - this is a stop that you should make on your next trip to the big apple if your man has a sweet tooth.

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