Friday, January 15, 2010

Share the Magic

This year, the annual Children's Museum of South Eastern Connecticut's Fairy Tale Ball will be taking place at Sonalysts studios in Waterford on January 23rd. The event has always been magical - the talented right-brainers who put together the fairy-tale themed tables never disappoint, and this year is sure to be no different.

There will be one big difference for Fairy Tale Ball 2010, however. In years past the event has been hosted at varying 'all inclusive' locales and so the group's decision to hold the event at Sonalysts meant that they would be in need of all sorts of amenities - everything from tables, chairs, forks, and knives to the all-important food! Thankfully, the Connecticut Caterer's Association, of which Gourmet Galley is a proud member, was quick to volunteer their services to provide all of the food and service staff for the event.
At. no. cost.
For free!
Often times with non-profit and charity events a large chunk of the proceeds earned by ticket sales are gobbled up by food, staffing, and rental costs - this only makes the fact that the money earned via ticket and silent auction sales at the Fairy Tale Ball will actually go to the Children's Museum that much sweeter. Each of the catering companies will be handling a different aspect of the meal, and Gourmet Galley will be serving the main course. Chefs Tim and Jen and a handful of our other amazing employees have even volunteered to work the event - how nice is that?
We are so excited to see the magic-making of some of our greatest industry friends - True and Wesson, the fab girls over at Arrow Paper, Josh Chalmers, Sue and Ed of Adam's Garden of Eden, and Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral are all designing fairy tale themed tables and we just can't wait to see their work!

There may still be a few tickets left, contact the museum to make your reservation 860.691.1111

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  1. And GG's very own Victoria with her fab Snow White Table!!