Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The times, they are a changin'.

Tough economic times are leading to some major changes in wedding plans for young couples these days. While reading the Sunday newspaper, we stumbled upon an article that outlined the stories of a few couples that had to re-arrange their wedding plans due to economic forces beyond their control.

Plans are changing so much that elopements are up big time this year according to wedding officiant Ken Patterson of Baltimore. The Schulers of Towson, Maryland were planning a wedding for 170 guests at the Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore. When costs started soaring for miscellaneous pieces of the wedding puzzle, they opted for an elopement package at the mansion where they invited 12 guests, and the cost was $1,600 - the venue deposit for their initial wedding plans.

The article shares some tips for spending your money wisely during the months leading up to your wedding day;

- Call in the troops! Your friends and family are your biggest resource. What they can do, what they know, who they know - use it all to your advantage. If you have a friend who is an artist - have them work on decorations or invitations. Aunt Ellen loves flowers? Have her put together the arrangements. Your circle will love knowing that they helped make your day perfect for you - what a better gift than that?!?

- Shop around. Use your noggin and your consumer smarts when looking for vendors, venues, and services. Identify the areas where you want to splurge and save and make sure that you're not sacrificing your dream or vision because of the green stuff.

- Introduce yourself to your new best friend... The Internet. There are so many great websites out there were you can buy things inexpensively, get inspiration, research alternatives, and find tutorials on how to do certain projects. A great blog to look at is The DIY Bride. Right now, the blog authors are writing about DIY letter pressing...How awesome is that? Martha has a fantasic DIY center that is definitely worth a few clicks.

All in all, it is totally possible to have a fab wedding on a budget - just be creative and use what you have!
Do you have any tips for other brides on a budget?

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