Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Brought Sad News

While scanning the headlines on The Business Insider this morning, we was struck with shock and awe when the following headline popped out:

Gourmet Magazine Toast As Conde Nast Frantically Cuts Costs

Looks like food is taking a hit just as much as everyone else.

They'll continue to run (phew - not sure what panic that might have caused in the kitchen here), their book publishing and television programming efforts. Bon Appetit will continue along as normal, so no worries there.

That's not the only sad news this article brings us this morning - Modern Bride and Elegant Bride are being discontinued as well. Conde Nast is going to push the resources from those two publications into Brides. Right now, each title is still available online. Get on there now before it's too late - they have some great ideas and a few blogs that are worth checking out - see Wedded Bits.

Sad, sad day in the world of food. Another reality check - Just when we though that things were starting to settle down and the economy was going to turn around sooner rather then later, we're shot back to the realization that things aren't still aren't doing well out there. At least at last check this morning the DOW was up over 88 points.

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