Friday, October 9, 2009

Lights, Camera - Your Wedding!

On Sunday, September 6th we had the distinct pleasure to be a part of a sublime and glorious day - The Marriage of JC and Esther. They were married at Saltwater Farms in Stonington, Ct (one of our favorites to work at), had Justin + Mary capture the day (you have to check out their site - you'll be blown away), and had Power Posse Productions entertain the guests (DJ Doug is amazing and you'll be shocked at what he can do).

While perusing Justin and Mary's site last night, we came across their entry about JC and Esther in their blog. Let's just say....Whoa. Can you believe this? We felt like we were watching a trailer for "JC and Esther - The Movie". We're dying to knowwhat happens next! Luckily, they're a great couple, and will keep us up to date.

Stillmotion was there to capture everything from a surprise engagement book to Esther before the wedding, JC and his crew relaxing before the event, the vows, the best man speech - everything. The attention to detail and the personality of the couple coming through just make the entire video that much more meaningful. Stillmotion captured the essence of a wedding perfectly.

Even more excitement came this morning when we opened up the ole' Google Reader (to catch up on the morning review of all things wedding blog) to find that Maggie Conley, one of our most favorite ladies in the business, just had an engagement shoot with a couple - George and Jamie - over at Jonathan Edwards Winery and they were also filmed! The style is quite different then the video above - but equally as delightful. Mike Cyr over at Buzz Media was there to share in the shoot with Maggie. We're completely in love with the music, the vintage photography style, and the flow of the shots together.

It's amazing what you can do for your wedding day to help preserve the memories and the feelings. Every time that JC and Esther look back on that - they're going to be taken right back to that day, that moment where they started their lives together. We can't wait to see more of these great videos from bride and grooms to come!

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  1. We certainly had the All-Star crew on board for our wedding! And that would make you the Director, Anna...if they gave Academy Awards for weddings, you would win hands down!