Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wine Woot!

LOOK what we FOUND!!!

This website offers consumers a fabulous weekly wine find at a discounted price. The catch is that they only offer one a day and once it's sold out it's done. They have some really interesting, esoteric selections which are priced to move at 'one-time-only' special rates. And, they don't limit themselves to just wine! They push wine tasting kits, specialty openers, books, and any other interesting wine accessories you could think of! The site also boasts a pretty serious blog, which features all kinds of info on the featured wines as well as tasting notes and generally interesting tidbits! The only stinker is that they DON't sell to Connecticut! So all of our more national friends can take advantage, but we are relegated to simply watching it every day and pining away for the awesome selections! Check it out, at the very least it can give you some great gift ideas for the oenophiles in your life!
PS: check out, the sister site which sells all sorts of interesting frivolities on a daily basis - from Star Wars Bobble Heads to super modern knife blocks. Genius!

1 comment:

  1. Connecticut is hit and miss. depends on the winery (and of course all non wine accessories can be shipped there)