Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For your Sweet Tooth...

We don't know about you, but we are absolutely addicted to Daily Candy.
Haven't heard of it? Well, you should have! Daily Candy is an awesome email news service thingy that sends fabulous snippets every day to your inbox. What better way to start things off than a tip about a sample sale at Bergdorff's or a sweepstakes to win a great vacation in Thailand? We love it! It's set up regionally, so you can get news specific to your locale - Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City.... and many many more great spots.
Want to sign up for this better-than-a-cup-of-coffee wake up?


BUT the reason for our posting today is not simply to inform you of Daily Candy's existence... This morning, the theme was New York weddings, some of our most favorite things! And it was followed by the announcement of Daily Candy Weddings! A new venture, and a really, really awesome idea. We took some time to browse this morning and it is simple, stylish, and straight forward. We always love to find unique resources for our brides to help them with planning, and Daily Candy Weddings is certainly one of them!


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