Monday, March 9, 2009

We love... Jennie Fresa!

So, in keeping with our 'bridal beauty' theme, we're so excited to feature Jennie Fresa! She is an amazing make up artist who is located in the New Haven area. Bridal make up is a very specific, important thing - certainly not something that you should leave to the last minute to figure out.

Our philosophy is that you should look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day - not too much and not too little on the make up front. Jennie takes time to get to know her clients and really get a feeling for what their wedding day is going to feel like - modern and clean, vintage, or maybe with a touch of whimsy - and designs the bride's make up with these sorts of indicators in mind. If you're looking for someone to do your make up for the big day, do yourself a favor and check out her website -

AND! If you're planning to be in the Mystic area this coming Saturday, check out this great collaborative event happening at Hana Floral in downtown Mystic... space is limited, so rsvp early!

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  1. That is so nice! Thank you! I can't wait to work together! xox ~Jennie