Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of our Favorite Brews...

The Brooklyn Brewery is truly an amazing place. If you haven't been, we totally recommend a trek into Williamsburg. The brewery tour is optional (which we love as this makes your 2nd and 3rd trips worth while!) and the beer is flowing. For the scant price of $20 you get 4 pints of your choice. They always have their regular ales - Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brown Ale, and Brooklyn Penant, all of which are positively tasty, and they will often feature a special beer that you can't necessarily just buy at your local spot. We love the seasonal brews, as well as the Brewmasters Reserve and the Brooklyn Local 1 is truly not to be missed. The packaging alone makes it intriguing!

The vibe at the brewery is totally chill and really relaxed and many Brooklynites, Hipsters, and even the occasional Manhattan-dweller can be seen there spending their entire Saturday afternoon eating pizza (from the local Fornino, absolutely perfect thin crust) and playing board games with buddies. It's almost magical, and brings a bit of a tear to the eye as we reminisce about all of our very, very fond memories there.

But, if you can't make the trip to Bedford Ave, trust that picking up a six pack or a mixed pack at your local liquor store won't disappoint. Bring a bit of Brooklyn to you this weekend!

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  1. Now you are talking my language. I've never been to the brewery, but some of my favorite beers are from here.

    Widely availabe are the six packs of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, certainly one of my favorite widely available russian imperial stouts. Drink it fresh, and its complexity will reveal espresso, high % cacao chocolate, and a nice rich malty but hoppy beer. Age it a bit (6+ months) and the harsher edges mellow out, and turns this in to a slow sipper. savor at cellar temps. Limited release every year. Try it with rich desserts, or on its own as an apertif. Local 1 is a golden Belgian style beer, pairs wonderfully with seafood, pork tenderloin, roasted chicken, and much more. Go full out with the Belgian theme, and make steamed mussels with the a few cups of beer and some added fresh garlic, red chili pepper flakes, toasted coriander and cumin. Finish the broth with butter, and serve it with some lightly buttered toast points. Of course, have a nice goblet of Local 1.

    For more of Garrett's (brewmaster at Brooklyn) beer pairing recommendations, check out his book: The Brewmaster's Table

    PS. I like that you capatilized 'Hipsters'. :)