Monday, February 16, 2009

The Great Wet Way

We've always wondered about the differences between all those types of bottled water you see on the grocery store shelf. Aquafina vs. Voss? Poland Spring vs. Dasani? How can one choose?!

So, in the interest of humanity, this past weekend we conducted our very first water tasting. We sampled from 9 different sources :
Aquafina, Poland Spring, Acadia, good old tap water, Dasani, Fiji, Smart Water, Voss, and Isbre.

And, though we had very high expectations of our palettes and ability to differentiate one from the other, we had a very hard time figuring out which was the best. At one point, one taster exclaimed disappointingly 'this one has absolutely no flavor!'... as if that weren't the point of water? Anyway, we did decide that tap water had a marked chlorine taste and scent, at least that is compared to the other types we had. Some favorites were the Aquafina (surprisingly enough) and Poland Spring.

So, since we have no profound conclusion, we invite you, our faithful readers and followers, to try some different water and let us know what you think. Invite your friends over for your own water tasting - at the very least, it's healthier than a wine tasting party!

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